Wild Horse Is Trapped In Snow For 4 Days. Watch When A Stranger Approaches Her.

A couple of friends went snowboarding in El Colorado, Chile. Rafael had just turned 21 and he decided to celebrate by going on the excursion with one his best friends.  They were enjoying themselves in the mountains when suddenly Rafael spotted an odd rock formation in the distance, as he got closer he realized he was looking at a horse that was trapped and stranded. If that horse didn’t get help he would surely die.

The incredible video below documents the rescue, and it’s like something out of a movie! Rafael and his friend go right up to the gorgeous chestnut horse and dig her out of four feet of packed-in snow. They then lead the mare six miles down the mountain, allowing her to follow behind them. Five hours after they discovered her, the horse was reunited with her herd. Rafael may not have celebrated his 21st birthday in the typical way, but his version is much more heartwarming.

Rafael wrote about the harrowing rescue on The Inertia, be sure to look for the book to find out all the details! In the meantime checkout the amazing video of the rescue,  I love seeing kind strangers going above and beyond to selflessly save animals in trouble!

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