Wild And Massive Lynx Terrifies The Most Adorable Little House Kitten. Aww Poor Kitty Cat!

I know when it comes to the idea of something bigger and scarier than you, most humans don’t have to think too hard. We have an entire culture of cinema buffs and film directors who go out of their way to make the most amazingly gruesome and terrifying creatures that defy all logic. We can think of some terrifying things. When it comes to creatures that are bigger than us, I know many of us know or can at least name at least eight off the top of our heads- bears, lions, sharks, whales, rhinos, hippos, gorillas, apes.

However, if you imagine never actually seeing any of these beasts, or you learned that there were similar humans who were massively bigger than you were, suddenly looming around your house? I’m sure you’d have quite a few words to say, as well as, possibly a new pair of pants to put on after cleaning up. The idea that something is bigger and more ferocious than you can really lead to some messed up effects on your psyche. When it comes to a wild lynx approaching a house cats home, I know if I were the cat, I’d be pretty upset myself. It’s not always easy to accept when you’ve lived your entire life inside or indoors, within the confines of safety, no longer really left out on the streets or left in the food chain. One little house cat realizes all too quickly, that it’s not the fierce hunter he once thought he was.

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