Wild Rabbit Spots Domesticated Pet Bunny Through Screen Door, Falls Crazy In Love

Love at first sight is a very real phenomenon. One only has to look at the rabbit in the video below for solid proof. The wild rabbit came up to the screen door of YouTuber bill16504’s house and got one look at the family’s pet bunny, then went totally gaga.

Pep, the family pet, loves to sit at the back door enjoying the warm spring air. She probably wasn’t prepared to gain such an ardent admirer. But then, are we ever really prepared for love?

For a while, Pep entertains the wild rabbit, and the two nuzzle a bit through the screen. When Pep seems to lose interest and walk away, the wild rabbit can’t seem to take a hint. He paws at the door, trying to climb through, but with no luck.

The caption for the video mentions that it was mating season for the wild rabbits when the video was taken. Although wild rabbits can’t breed with domestic rabbits–their genetics are too different–this rabbits curiosity obviously got the better of him. Wild rabbits are generally a cautious bunch.

Pep’s owner decided not to play matchmaker, and left the rabbit’s story with an almost Romeo and Juliet ending. We’re hoping the wild rabbit went out and found someone more open to his advances.

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