‘Wild Thing’ hits number 1 in 1966 and ‘The Troggs’ help shape rock music

On July 30th, 1966, one of the most iconic rock songs ever hit number 1 on the U.S. Singles Chart. ‘The Troggs’ rocked into 1st place with their hit song ‘Wild Thing.’ Do you remember the lyrics?

In the performance video, ‘The Troggs’ are swaying as the music begins. There are two guitar players and a lead singer holding the microphone, and they are wearing matching striped suits.

While they play, a woman walks past, and they follow her through a door. It leads to a subway station filled with a bunch of people, and ‘The Troggs’ start singing to the big crowd.

They sing the historic lyrics, ‘Wild thing, you make my heart sing. You make everything groovy. Wild thing!’ The song landed as number 257 on Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time.’

‘Wild Thing’ was written by Chip Taylor and initially recorded by ‘The Wild Ones’ in 1965, but it didn’t chart. ‘The Troggs’ originally called ‘The Troglodytes’ scooped up the song and scored a huge hit.

The band is also known for its other hits, including, ‘With a Girl Like You,’ and ‘Love is All Around,’ which sold over 1 million copies and were awarded Gold status.

‘The Troggs’ were the first ‘Garage Band,’ They have influenced rock and punk rock for the decades following their iconic hit ‘Wild Thing.’ For two short weeks in 1966, they owned the charts, but the song still resonates with listeners years later.

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