Wildest GoPro footage of 2022’s stunts, animals, and adventures

Ever since the ‘GoPro’ camera came into existence in 2002, people have come up with some amazing videos. The footage the ‘GoPro’ can capture is unlike any other camera because it travels with the participant. The’ GoPro’ gets fantastic images, whether handheld or attached to a helmet or vehicle.

The best ‘GoPro’ videos of 2022 were compiled into one epic montage that features the wildest clips ever. It is hard to believe people would do the stunts involved in these videos, let alone film them too.

There are incredible shots of BMX biking, including a bike traversing a steep stairway and a jump gone wrong. There is also dirt bike footage featuring racing and high jumps that seem impossible.

The ‘GoPro’ gives us a glimpse of wild animals too. Close encounters with dolphins, sharks, raccoons, lions, and an octopus were captured in a way that no person could’ve ever achieved without the camera’s technology.

Videos of ski jumps among snow-covered mountains and surfing in the big blue ocean look stunning on film. There are even daredevil stunts where people attempt to walk a tightrope between two hot air balloons!

The water shots are phenomenal as we get a glimpse of people kayaking over a waterfall. Multiple fantastic water sport events have been documented in 2022 using the ‘GoPro.’

The wild clips include aerial stunts like wingsuit pilots and daring parachute jumps. The unreal montage shows that adventure is out there, and people are capturing it with their cameras.

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Wildest GoPro footage of 2022’s stunts, animals, and adventures