Wildlife Photographer Checks His Last Photo. Realizes He’s Inches Away From Death

Michael Glidden is your average hiker. He likes to explore and when he sees something new, he’s not afraid to venture and see what it is. He lives in Alaska and as you may imagine, it is full of awesome places to hike. He had been hoping to snap a few great photos while out exploring the wilderness.

When he goes hiking he always takes his faithful dog, Aspen along. He is prepared to catch a glimpse of something truly worthy of a picture or even a poster. He has seen some very nice sights, he hopes he gets to see more. There are all sorts of things that people can experience while hiking or exploring the great outdoors. Besides the exploring part, it’s the element of surprise that’s part of the appeal. Nature is unpredictable.

Half of the fun is experiencing what nature can offer in its most raw form. The wilderness is undeniably beautiful and full of plants and animals. You may end up discovering some plants that you’re not used to seeing, or even spy on an animal or insect that you have never seen. You never know what you will run into!

Exploring the wilderness can be even better when you’re joined by your dogs. Dogs enjoy adventure, and the wilderness is full of it. It has sights, sounds and especially smells that are very appealing to them. They can also smell when other animals are hiding in plain sight. This can be very helpful in some situations. He and Aspen wander around a new path when they ran across ice caves. They decide to explore them. He starts to take some pictures and his dog goes deeper within the cave. Seconds later he sees Aspen rushing out terrified.

If your dog acts anxious, it might be a sign of danger. Dogs are also very good at sensing natural disasters before they happen. Hiking is very good exercise for dogs. It provides them with a fun way to reconnect with their wild instincts. There are also very good benefits for their human owners, too.

He has no idea on what might have spooked Aspen. His dog is very adventurous and not many things scare it. Anyway, he continues taking pictures for a while and then heads home. On his way back, he is still worried about his dog. His dog has never really acted that way before. He gets home and looks at them. What he finds in one of them makes him realize how close he had been to death.