These Wildly Funny Dogs Try To Say Hello With A Little Bit Of Extra Excitement

Not only are dogs compassionate, smart, loyal, affectionate, and cuddly, but they’re often hilarious. We love their silly expressions, attempts at communicating with us, and their playful, energetic nature. Sometimes, dogs can be so loving that they overwhelm themselves…and those around them. This can result in a little bit of chaos, and sometimes that craziness happens to be caught on camera!

When these dogs try to show affection towards their cat friends, things go a little overboard as they get insanely excited about their love for these animals. For instance, when one cat tries to sit on the arm of the sofa to take a comfortable, well-deserved nap, the family dog wanders over to claim the couch space all for himself. He doesn’t seem to understand why that could be a terrible idea! Doesn’t he know that a cat’s throne is a sacred space that is not to be messed with?

In another home, a large, fluffy dog paces up and down the stairs while pushing away the curious family cat through the spaces in the railing. While the dog might be trying to play with his friend, the cat seems pretty convinced that the dog is trying to keep her out of a communal space. It’s probably pretty hard to stay annoyed, though, when such a cute dog is booping your nose so many times! That sounds like a game I’d like to try!

These dogs love playing with others and expressing their love and adoration through actions. They just don’t know how to go about it properly. As a result, they aren’t always prepared for cats’ reactions to their hijinks. Hilarity ensues, so make sure you watch this compilation to see what happens with these hysterical duos! Then, leave a comment below and share this footage with your friends!