You Will Not BELIEVE What This Parrot Does When He Sees His Owner!

Mother Nature is full of surprises, and it always has one new thing that can amaze us, no matter how much time it passes. What we brought to show you today is completely real and unedited. The video goes a bit like this: a man was in his bedroom, comfortably at home, and suddenly he noticed a sound of the door opening.

When he went to check what it was, he heard the sound of tiny bird feet moving, and what he heard next is what really startled him, and us watching on video. You have to see it yourself!

His bird had figured out a way to walk all the way to his Dad’s bedroom, and to celebrate it, he lets out a maniacal laughter that sounds straight out of a super villain’s victory scene. He sounds ready to conquer the whole world, one room at a time! It’s amazing how the man was ready to record this, this is the kind of thing that you definitely don’t see every day. And now we all get to watch it!

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