You Will Be Stunned When You’ll Know Where This Orphaned Kitten Is Sleeping! I’m In Tears!

It’s hard to imagine dogs and cats together, but what this video shows is not only unbelievable, but also really incredible. When these four orphaned two week old kittens were dropped off at an animal shelter with no home and mother to look after them, this caring soulful employee immediately decided that she needed to do something for them.

She wanted to provide them the immediate help that they desperately needed. Kittens need more than milk from their mothers. They need love and warmth and someone to teach them the ways of a cat’s world.

Little did she know there was someone else to help and care for those babies staying at the home! When she arrived home with the four kittens, she was kind of worried about how her German Shepherd, Brooke, would react, but the way she reacted was nothing less than incredible.

When the vet was done cleaning the kittens, their new momma Brooke immediately took them on as if they were her own offspring. She kept them with her, loving, cleaning and caressing them. They received all the love and warmth they were missing from their real mother from Brooke.

What a loving and clever dog Brooke is. This just goes to show that love can cross the species barrier, even in the animal world. Now these kittens will grow up in a loving home and be well-taken care of.

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