We Will Tell You How to Make This Beautiful, Big and Snuggly Blanket In 4 Hours or Less!

If you want a blanket like this, cute, big and super-hot and comfortable, you could get one very easily in Etsy, but you will need a lot of money because this kind of blankets have a very high price. But you do not have to be sad or disappointed. Now you can do one of these at home. If you know the basic steps to knit, then you should not worry about it. And the best thing is that you will not need months or weeks to weave one of these pretty blankets at home.

These blankets are specially created to keep you warm and away from the cold weather, especially during winter. They are particular created to place on the bed, to give a country and chic environment to your room. They are ideal to give friends or as a gift to the family on special occasions or you can simply cuddle and sleep pleasantly with one of them.

Also, this blankets are the perfect option to sit in the couch of your house and to watch television, a movie or your favorite show without suffering of cold. The fabric and material used to make this blanket is very soft and comfortable, it will not give you itching because you will make it with high quality materials. You only have to knit and then sit down to enjoy.

he famous blogger behind Nocturnal Knits, Laura Birek, will teach you step by step how you can create this beautiful blanket by yourself. You will not need a lot of materials, all you will need are two PVC tubes 1 ½ inches long and 10 feet long. This simulates weaving needles, only that of giant size. These tubes can be obtained very easily in the hardware stores. Then you will need a few yarns of wool that is very thick. For starters, you can buy 4 of these rolls.

We’re sure you’ll love watching the video and learning how to weave this beautiful blanket. Do not forget to write your ideas or opinions in the comments section. We want to hear from you!

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