Willie Nelson and family sing a song the world should hear

Lukas Nelson & Family (including his dad Willie, who you might have heard of) get together with their guitars to spread a beautiful message in these troubling times.

In times like these, we all need a little reassurance. No matter what we’re dealing with, the reminder to live in the moment is always relevant, and it’s something that we could all stand to hear.

This original song by Lukas Nelson offers that universal advice. ‘Turn Off The News And Build a Garden’ is about doing just that – avoiding the negativity present on the news and building something together.

Lukas Nelson is the son of country and western legend Willie Nelson, and you can hear it in his voice. As he soothingly delivers these lyrics, you can tell where his musical influences come from. In this performance, his brother and father join him.

You can see the pride in Willie’s face as he joins in and helps accompany him on the guitar. This evening session is wholesome, with some swearing thrown in. Still, the message is well worth listening to.

We think that this song is absolutely essential these days. Everyone should listen to this song at least once to perhaps be a better human and learn to take life as it comes without so much negativity.

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