Winston The Service Dog Brings Happiness And Smiles To A Texas Nursing Home

The dog in the video below weighs over 100 lbs, but he proves that the greatest part of him is his heart. He might be intimidating with his huge size, but he has a friendly attitude that makes him pretty much undistinguishable from any cute pupper you’ve ever seen. His name is Winston, and he belongs to the Great Pyrenees breed of dogs.

Winston carries out an amazing task for the elderly folks at many retirement homes throughout the United States. In the clip that we brought to show you today, you can see how he entertains a crowd of grandparents at the C.C. Young retirement place in Dallas, Texas, and it’s just wonderful to see how happy everyone is to see the dog’s incredible talent.

He comes from Colorado, and he has been trained to visit retirement homes as a therapy dog to help elder folks who suffer from mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. These amazing service dogs have proven to help people in ways that I had never imagined, and I’m frankly appalled that their help is so welcomed.

You can see Winston’s amazing impact on the elderly for yourself in the video right below here.

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