Winter camping in a cozy cabin with a trusty Golden Retriever

While most people are quick to cozy up at home, this adventurous man and his trusty canine companion had different plans. They wanted to venture out for a disbursed camping trip.

Fortunately, this man and his Golden Retriever, Ellie, came prepared for the frigid winter weather. They would not be staying in a tent. They would be in a tiny cabin instead.

But as anyone who has stayed in a cabin will know, these structures can still get cold. That was not a concern for this inventive man. His shelter was outfitted with everything he needed to stay warm.

So, with his gear and tiny cabin hitched to the back of his truck, the man and his dog set out on the road for Rum River State Forest in Minnesota. When he arrived, the place was breathtaking.

This spot on the edge of the Rum River State Forest was a campsite the man had wanted to visit for a long time. “I’m really, really excited to be taking the travel cabin out here to do some winter camping,” he said.

The man was not the only one looking forward to this camping adventure. As soon as Ellie got out of the truck, she searched their new site, her tail wagging back and forth.

But as most campers know, nothing goes completely according to plan when camping. Watch this gorgeous video of this man enjoying the great outdoors with his loyal, fur best friend.

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Winter camping in a cozy cabin with a trusty Golden Retriever