When Winter Was At Its Coldest, This Man Saved These Hummingbirds!

The weather was as cold as it could get on the nice county of Sedona, Arizona, on one fateful day. Pat, the man featured in the video below, is a local animal enthusiast who has bird feeder set up in his yard for the little hummingbirds that usually fly around during the day. Being aware of the harsh conditions that were outside, he was worried about the hummingbirds hurting themselves or getting in trouble because of the feeder.

He tried taking it inside at night and outside during the day, so it wouldn’t freeze over completely during the cold night outside, but it did very little to help. The weather was so cold, water in the feeder would freeze over after barely over an hour, even during the day! This trick couldn’t be kept going any longer, and Pat knew that he was going to have to get creative to solve this issue.

The proud Pat did everything he could to keep the bird feeder warm, even going as far as placing it on top of a heating pad outside, and using a hair dryer to help. As you will see in the video, his bird friends appreciated this kind gesture quite fairly!

Enjoy this heart-warming clip right below, it’s a real delight.

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