With her “worried eyes”, it was clear this kitten was looking for a family that would love her

With her distinct “worried eyes”, it was clear that Mia was looking for a home and a family that would love her. She found just that when she was flown from Kuwait to America after being found sick and abandoned at just a week old.

Mia was one of five cats found abandoned in Kuwait by a rescue organization. When found, she was sick and infected with worms.

She was brought in by volunteers and was quickly nursed back to health. While being cared for, she befriended one of the other rescued cats named Leo.

Now, the five rescued cats were being adopted by families. Mia was excited to finally find a family that would take the best care of her.

That forever family was in America, more than thousands of miles away from Kuwait. But that didn’t matter to the people who helped her most.

Mia flew across continents where she arrived in America. Local animal shelter volunteers and her new family near Washington, D.C. welcomed Mia with open arms and the little kitten couldn’t be happier.