Witness the emotional reunion between 2 elephants after 22 years of being apart!

Reunions, who doesn’t love them right? Unless you’re talking about high school reunions, those can get a little weird. I recently went to my middle-school reunion. That’s right! I hadn’t seen these guys in over 24 years. Everything started about two years ago. We started connecting through Facebook. Initially, we were only three friends who had found each other.

The three of us started connecting with the others via social media and phone. Around one year later, we had connected with virtually everyone. I was very excited to see everyone’s pictures on Facebook. Most of my friends had not changed that much from the time we were in middle school. We chatted on messenger quite often, almost every day.

After about 6 months, the conversations of a reunion started. We figured that we would probably have more time to meet in December, so we scheduled our reunion for that month. I needed to catch a plane back there. I had moved shortly after I had finished high school but most of them had stayed in the city we all had grown up.

I arrived that day at about 6 in the morning. I got to the hotel and got a chance to freshen up and have some breakfast. I didn’t see them until that evening, so I took some time to do a little sightseeing. I went to my old neighborhood and saw my house. To be honest, seeing my old house and my best friend made me very happy.

The trip’s high point was the middle school reunion. To my surprise, my best friend from middle school picked me at the hotel I was staying at and took me to the restaurant where we had made a reservation. About 4 of us made it there before everyone else. They had barely changed. We talked about our childhood days there and all the crazy things we had done.

About 40 minutes later, everyone else arrived. We talked for hours well into the following day. It was the best time I had had in quite a long time. After our reunion, I stayed there for two days more and then I left. I also saw one of my friends from high school. She found out I was visiting and met with me to have breakfast on my last day there.

My reunion had a lot of laughter and some emotion. But nothing was as emotional as the reunion of these two elephants. They were reunited after 22 years. They had worked together at a circus, and after being rescued, they had not seen each other. The rescuers were not sure if they would remember each other. After all, 22 years is a long time. To their surprise, their reunion was one of the most emotional I have ever seen. Click on the video for a reunion that will melt your heart!