Witness Your Precious Puppy Moment of Zen… Too Good!

Doing something for the first time can be really scary. Sometimes we aren’t sure what to expect. Yet, if I have learned anything through the ideas of “Fear” I will say that an overwhelming number of people have come to some conclusion for what the word can be broken down to mean. Fear can be understood best by breaking down the word into the phrase “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Now, sometimes, there are perfectly reasonable reasons to be afraid or be fearful, but a staggering amount of our perceptions toward the subject leave us to realize that most of our fears are unfounded. It’s not really a situation for fight or flight, yet we adhere to our gut instincts. This has left many feeling a bit foolish, but it can also be absolutely adorable.

A precious pug is getting ready for his first bath ever. While mom or dad has gone to a decent amount of lengths to make sure the little guy gets clean, they also seem to go out of their way when it comes to the comfortable warmth of the tub, making sure his little puppy body can get a positive experience out of bath time. Luckily for us, we find this little darling seems overjoyed by the resulting bath. Don’t take my word for it, when you see how adorably huggable this little guy is, I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed with the urge to hug him through the screen. I know I was.

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