Be the witness of how this service dog changed the life of this little girl!

Today, service dogs are more popular than ever. What makes a person decide to get a service dog? Most of the cases are where the patient has problems getting around the city or going about their day. Cases, where the user is blind, are the most common. But how does this work? When this happens, the dog has been trained in assisting blind individuals.

The dog helps the user in all his daily tasks. Things, like having breakfast and getting dressed, are among the first things done during the day. If the person works outside the home, the dog will assist the user telling him when there’s a curb, an intersection or some steps. Most of the time the user can get to work unassisted, but the dog helps him with incoming dangers like cars approaching.

The way the dog tells the user there are incoming cars or that he cannot cross the intersection is by sitting down and waiting for the user to acknowledge. Once the user does and it is safe for him to cross the intersection, the dog will get up and start to walk. If the user needs to go to a grocery store to pick up some stuff, the dog is also useful here.

The dog will pass items to the user, especially if these are out of reach for the user. The dog helps the user in other instances such as going to the bank, mailing some letters at the post office or assisting him in going to a government office to cash in some benefits. In all these cases, users say that their service dogs have become much more than a blessing.

The case in the following video is no different. This is the story of little Bella and her service dog. Bella was diagnosed with a rare disease called Morquio Syndrome. This disease causes problems with mobility. The syndrome causes most of its sufferes to be bedridden. Bella’s mother saw how the conditions were worsening every day, so she decided to get a service dog for her daughter.

Bella’s service dog is called George. George is a very gentle Great Dane. He has been with Bella for some time and has been a blessing for the little girl. According to Bella’s mother, this is one of the cases where the dog is more than just a companion and a service dog for her daughter. George has been a guardian angel and has changed the life of this little girl. Click on the video, so you can be the witness of how a dog can come into your life and change it in the most fantastic of ways!