Extraordinary wildlife caught on camera on Wolf and Bear Highway

Wolf and Bear Highway

Up in the northern woods of Minnesota, critters both great and small frequent the Wolf and Bear Highway during the crisp fall season before the cold, snowy winter sets in.


A trail camera set up by the Voyageurs Wolf Project caught and compiled an excellent video of the animal activity from mid-September to mid-October. More than just wolves and bears made an appearance.

Several moose frequent the trail, including one inquisitive individual who gets up close and personal with the trail camera. Bears are seen coming and going, as are several wolves.


According to the Project’s advisor, the wolves seen in the video are the Whiskey Point Pack. They are only made up of two adults. Their tribe is growing, as you can see four pups tagging along.

The bears also have some young in tow are different points as well. Other curious animals caught on camera include a family of martens, a lynx, and a fisher cat.


The daytime isn’t the only time these animals are out. Nighttime footage shows just as much activity, especially for the bears and wolves, as when the sun is high in the sky.

It’s incredible to be able to view the wildlife of America’s northern regions without disturbing their way of life. We can’t wait to see what other critters are caught on camera in the coming months!

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Extraordinary wildlife caught on camera on Wolf and Bear Highway