Wolf Hound Sits Near Baby’s Crib. It’s AMAZING What He Does When The Baby Cries.

When it comes to crying babies, we will do next to ANYTHING to calm them down. Rocking, burping, walking around, music, driving around with them in a car seat, driving around with them in a car seat while music plays on the radio… you name it. Unfortunately, what works one day may not work the next. I wish that my wife and I’d had a dog like this when our son was a baby, though. This might have worked.

We see a baby lying in a crib having quite a fit. He’s wailing and screaming. It’s apparent that he is NOT happy that he has to be in there. There’s a wolf hound sitting by the bed and when he hears the sound of the baby’s cries, he throws his head back and lets out a series of mournful howls. Perhaps his mommy did it to him when he was a yelping puppy to calm him down. Now he’s doing it for this human baby.

The baby is still crying a bit, so the wolf hound throws his head back just a little further and lets out another series of howls. It’s amazing to see the baby get progressively calmer as each howl goes on. This apparently has worked before, since the person who is recording this is wholly unsurprised that this is happening at all. Soon, the room is completely silent and the baby looks like he’s ready to go to sleep.

There’s one funny thing – after the wolf dog stops “singing” and the baby is clearly calmed down, we see the camera panned to another part of the room where there’s another wolf dog laying on the floor with an expression like, “Whatever. I hear this all the time. Do you see it put me to sleep? OK. You got me. I’m resting here. Still. I’ve heard this 1,000 times. The kid hears it once and he’s all good now?”

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