Wolves, moose, deer and bears travel down this natural highway

Disbursed across the northern borders of the midwestern United States, the Northwoods is a stunning place to go snowmobiling. But humans are not the only ones who use these wide, remote trails.

For most of the year, there is not enough snow to allow people to go on snowmobiling adventures. But these trails are not abandoned. Instead, they act as highways for the local fauna.

Once the snow is deep enough for snowmobiles to hit the road, the animals flee. So, a nature-lover decided to set up a trail camera to capture footage of the traffic on this forested road.

With trail cameras like this, we can peer through a window into the natural world and see how our animal neighbors act when we are not around. The result is peaceful and tranquil.

However, the person who set this trail camera up had a more focused goal than watching animals. “We put up this camera at this particular spot to get footage of both the Shoepack Lake and Nashata Pack, which overlap at this spot,” they said in the description of their video.

Luckily, one of the first animals to appear on this natural highway was the Shoepack Lake pack of wolves. Not all the creatures who used the trail were canines.

This trail camera was perfectly positioned to capture all manner of animals. Deer, moose and a curious bear also traveled down the makeshift road. Watch this calming video for a glimpse into the natural world.

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Wolves, moose, deer and bears travel down this natural highway