Woman Abandons Husband And Family To Marry A Convicted Murderer!

Love is a crazy emotion. Driven by very specific and delicate chemical reactions in our brains, it manifests differently for everyone, and when there is an unbalance in these chemicals, love can transform into a twisted experience that parasitically exists with mental diseases. We might jokingly say that love is blind, to excuse seemingly incompatible couples, however there are certain preferences and behaviors that cannot be ignored.
The American Prison system is, oddly, the stage of many insane romances. There a lot of romantic young women that decide to share their lives with convicted criminals.

This is a phenomenon known as hybristophilia, a romantic attraction to partners who have committed violent crimes. Rosalie Bolin, a former Miami socialite, abandoned her husband and four young daughters almost twenty years ago, soon after she met Oscar Bolin while working in the public defender’s office. Rosalie Martinez became Rosalie Bolin when she and Oscar married in 1996. Now, after two decades of marriage, she still stands by her husband, who has been convicted for the murder of three young women many times over the course of 11 trials since 1986.

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