This Woman Accidentally Locked Keys In Her Car, With Her Dog Locked Inside!

There’s bad years and then there’s terrible years. Chantelle, the woman in this video, has been suffering through the latter. Her mum was diagnosed with PTSD after jumping through a window to escape a house fire, her father passed away this year, and her husband was laid off work.

She ever working through each of these things as best she could but it all became too much when she dropped in for a quick coffee at 7-Eleven. Which go back to the car she realized that she had accidentally locked her dog, and her keys, inside the car with the engine running.

Chantelle tried everything to get passers-by to help her out she even tried to get a locksmith out but she didn’t have the money to pay and none were interested. She began to cry and panic. But just than a stranger approached to change everything.

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