Woman adopts 17-year-old girl after 3,739 days in foster homes

A teen finds her permanent home at the age of 17. She gets to finish high school without disruption, and her life afterward will be much more solid.

Since the age of 7, Akyra has been in the foster care system. She is tough and strong, even as she went to different foster families without getting adopted. In total, she went through 24 different foster homes in a decade.

The change of scenery happened at a pace that made it difficult for her to keep friends. More importantly, her time in school was being affected by being in different homes.

One day, Akyra ended up in the home of Katie Olsen. This was her second time with Katie, and the two already had a previous bond. Instead of moving on to a new family after her stay, Akyra worked up the courage to ask Katie a big question.

Without hesitation, Katie agreed to adopt the 17-year-old and officially bring her into the family. Along with Akyra, Katie also adopted a 1-year-old boy named Thomas.

In less than a month, the Katie household grew by two. These two kids now have a home that they can finally call their own. By having hope, Akyra was able to have her happy ending.

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