Woman and her mini ponies on liberty trail and wild swim

Mini ponies on liberty trail

Ponies are such a wonderful creature, and we loved when we saw four adorable ponies with their trainer, Emma Massingale, getting wet in a wild swim. It was such good fun!

Emma Massingale is an adventurer horse trainer, free rider, and award-winning filmmaker, and horses are her life’s passion. She felt that she could connect with horses like no other people.

And, the best part? Emma has a mission to share her works with the people. Apart from the award-winning films and documentaries, Emma posts regular updates of her ponies on her Youtube Channel and has more than 134K followers.

Mini ponies on liberty trail

On a hot sunny day, Emma takes little Sid, Rupert, Percy, Albert, four of her ponies, and her little guard dog Nancy on a hike along the moors. Their company was both unique and delightful to see.

As they were moving along, Emma had an excellent plan ready for her pals. She was planning a fun bath that would give a perfect finishing to the hike.

Mini ponies on liberty trail

She was excited about Rupert. Rupert loves water, and it was his first time out on a hike. So, he was a little nervous as he went along with his brothers. But the rest was having the time of their lives.

However, Nancy was having a blast. She was always jumping here and there in the water and got all soaked. It was so refreshing to see the horses and the dog wandering on the Dartmoor National Park’s lovely trails.

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