A Woman Asks Her Cute Dog To ‘Bark Softly’. You Won’t Believe The Way He Responded!

If you’re a red-blooded dog lover like I am, you adore every single kind of dog breed, no matter how big or small, furry or bald, or of whatever shape or size they can be. All pups are deserving of love, sure, but not all of them are as adorable and unbelievably cute as the Shiba Inu. Shibas are a Japanese breed of dog that still retain many of their wolf characteristics, like huskies.

The difference lies on that, even though they really are very disciplined and strong willed like wolves, they have a curiosity and a cute personality that makes them almost cat-like. They’re becoming very popular online, and it’s not hard to see why, in the video that we will show you below.

The following video shows us the wonderful Mame, a Shiba dog who knows how to do an amazing trick that you will surely not believe. When his human mother and friend asks the pup to bark ‘softly’, the dog adjusts his bark in the most adorable way you could ever imagine! She keeps asking him to bark even softer and softer, and the dog does exactly as told, until he reaches the softest, cutest bark you could ever imagine in a pup. He’s super smart AND absolutely cute!

You can watch this heart melting puppy and his trick, right below.

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