Woman Asks Her New Chihuahua An Important Question. Her Answer Is Priceless

Chihuahua dogs are very well known for being short-tempered. I know they’re cute, you can dress them up with many different clothes. The reason for that famous temper is basically to things. First, Chihuahua dogs are not aware of their size. For them, they are just as big as the neighbor’s Doberman. That doesn’t mean the Chihuahua can take him, it just looks that way.

This very famous dog breed has been made very popular by movies. Who can forget about the one featuring two Chihuahuas? They have their own personality and they have cute voices. All the animals in that movie can talk. They are also very cute. The second reason is that Chihuahua dogs are extremely protective. For them, anything or anyone who gets close to their owners is a threat. They will do anything they feel necessary to ward off the intruder.

The Chihuahua’s most useful tool is their barking. Chihuahuas have a very high-pitched bark. Some people might find it annoying while others may think it’s cute. Regardless, they will not only bark, but they will bite if you get too close. This is something useful to tell young kids. Kids thing that any small dog is a puppy. And we all know puppies like to be pet, right? That is not the case with adult Chihuahua’s. Children should be very cautious when approaching one.

They are famous for not being friendly to strangers. The other reason children should be careful is because of their size. It’s very difficult to be always aware of where your little Chihuahua is. This is especially true when you lose sight of him or her. This has led to many accidents, like stepping on one. Because these dogs have very small bones, they are very prone to fractures. Even falling from a certain height can injure a Chihuahua severely.

What people forget is that Chihuahuas also have feelings. They can get very attached to their owners. They rely on their owners for everything including safety. They can get very distressed when their owner is not near. They are also very emotional dogs. If you scold the Chihuahua he or she can get very sad. Most owners, have this in mind and always take their dog’s emotions into consideration.

Such is the case of a Vine user. She is afraid she has done something wrong and maybe hurt her Chihuahua’s feelings. She wants to get close to her, but first she needs to find out if her dog is angry or upset. Her pup, Princess Buttercup, was lying on the couch. She was facing the wall. When her owner, Rawx goes up and asks if she is mad at her. Her pup’s answer really cracks Rawx up!