Incredible woman builds tiny house for herself in the countryside

Tiny house

If you travel a lot and don’t own a lot of possessions, but still want someplace to call home, a tiny house is a perfect solution. That’s what French native Berangere thought.

She decided to build herself a tiny house. It took her a full year to construct it, but she did it all by herself. She named her home La Belle Idee, which means The Beautiful Idea.

Her goal was to use mostly reclaimed wood and other recycled materials. She has very few possessions. The ones she does have tell a story and remind her of people special to her.

Tiny house

Berangere loves to read, so the walls of her tiny house are lined with books. The unique design of her house offers so much natural light. It really does look like the ideal tranquil living space.

Large windows give her a magnificent view of the mountains. Her house is dotted with plants and mirrors. Her goal is to have as little waste as possible so canning jars with food line the shelves.

Tiny house

Berangere is extremely proud of herself for accomplishing such an undertaking by building a house by herself. She admits that there were times she didn’t think she could do it on her own.

Ultimately, she’s excited to be living in a space that’s all her own. She can pick up and go where she wants, whenever she wants. What a fantastic way to live life!

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