Woman Bursts Into Tears When She Reunites With Lions She Was Forced To Give Up

It is hard to imagine these two lions as wild animals when you see the clip of them greeting their adopted mother.

Malkia and Adelle had been born to a lion in a circus act that traveled in Eastern Europe but was rescued by Michaela who raised them in her home, until recently.

Michaela had to give up her two darlings that she had raised from very young kittens. It was a heartwrenching decision, but for the best. And now their home is at a protected sanctuary where they can roam and be free. 

When Michaela calls out to them, they recognize her voice immediately and rush towards her. But the moment becomes somewhat frightening when both full grown lions leap up.

However, all is well. The Lions wrap their huge paws carefully around her neck and begin caressing her. They appear to be trying to be gentle with this adopted parent.

When Michaela comes to visit every few weeks, it is easy to see that all three souls are joyous in their reunion.