When This Woman Couldn’t Afford A Wedding Dress, She Decided To Make One!

A lot of us have special items in the family that become family heirlooms. Whether it’s because that item is rare, valuable, or has a great story, each heirloom is special in its own way. Such is the case with Betty Morgan’s wedding dress.

When Betty and her husband Ed decided to get married after World War II, things were still being rationed. This meant that materials were still somewhat pricey, including fabric. So Betty decided to get creative!

Ed served in the military during WWII and was there when the Allied Forces officially declared victory in Europe. During that time, he decided to send home a German pilot’s emergency parachute as a souvenir. He grabbed the parachute out of a plane they pulled from a burning hangar.

Ed remembers that it was the first plane he saw without a propeller on it.

Fast forward to the wedding planning; while Betty was still trying to figure out where she would get her dress, her mother-in-law suggested that she use the silk from Ed’s parachute to make her dress.

So Betty took the parachute to a tailor. For $18, the tailor was able to transform the parachute into a beautiful wedding gown! In the process of transforming the parachute into a wedding gown, the tailor made sure to include proof of the unusual material. It included the tag that showed it was a German parachute.

Another interesting fact about this happily married couple is that they never dated during the war! Betty was his neighbor that lived across the way and he made a statement to one of his buddies that he would probably end up with the farmer girl across the street. He was right!

What do you think of the fact that these two never dated while he was away in WWII? Do you think WWII played a major role in their wedding? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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