Woman Couldn’t BELIEVE What Was Happening In Her Back Yard – So She Grabbed Her Camera…

Abandoned by her mother, Pippin was left all alone in the world until she had the good luck to wander into Kate’s backyard. Kate was there to greet her, and there’s been no looking back since then. What’s surprising is that Pippin is a fawn and Kate is a Great Dane, yet these two creatures are best friends with each other.

We all need a best friend, who is there to pick us up when we’re feeling down and to help us while away the hours, al while having lots of fun. This unusual bestie combo are inseparable ever since Pippin wandered into the back yard.

You really have to watch the video to see how cute they are together. They play together and you can even see them snuggling up, showing their affection towards each other a sonly best friends can. I love the way they play – how Pippin plays almost reminds me of a dog. It seems some of Kate’s behaviour has rubbed off on Pippin!

Watch this video to have a really good start to your day. This is such a feel-good video; you’ll feel like calling your bestie just to say hi. That’s a good enough reason to SHARE this video with your friends, to remind them why you all are besties, even if you could be as different as night and day. Spread the love and write in to tell us what you think of the video in the section below.