Woman Cracks Up When She Finds A Chicken In Her House. Comfortably Catching A Ride

People who live on a farm are very used to having animals around. Chickens, cows, and horses are among the most common. People who have a cow will tell you that they are among the earliest of birds. Milking the cow needs to be done very early in the morning. People usually get up at around 3 or 4 in the morning. They set everything up and are finished before 5 or 6 in the morning.

Throughout these everyday times together, people and cows form a very close relationship. For a farmer, it is more than a way of putting food on the table. They are friends as much as they are co-workers. Many people say that each cow has its own personality. Some of them are very funny. It is like they have a sense of humor.

Horses throughout the ages have had an even closer relationship with humans. Humans and horses have lived and worked together for centuries. From the time that men domesticated horses, they form a unique bond that continues until today. Maybe the friendship started with the grooming process or maybe it was all those years working together.

There are animals like chimpanzees that form bonds of trust while allowing each other to assist with grooming. This usually is in the form of removing parasites from each other’s hair. If they can keep each other’s “parasite free,” this would help them trust in each other. Or at least, that’s what it seems.

Chickens… That’s something different. Many people believe that chickens do not get along with many other animals. They are usually suspicious of pretty much anyone and will get feisty when approached. Chickens are also unpredictable as a woman would find out. One day, she was at her home trying out a special vacuum she had gotten. This vacuum is some sort of “robot.” You just power it on and watch it work. So, she did and went to finish up on her other housework.

Suddenly, she hears a strange noise coming from her living room. This was odd because she was home by herself. She was not sure of what it might be but goes anyway. She approaches the living room to take a closer look. When she gets there, she realizes that it is one of her chickens, James. She could not have imagined how she had made her way into the living room. What she saw James doing was hilarious!