Woman Is Declared Clinically Dead After Childbirth. Her Husband Helped With A Miracle.

Prayer is one of the more controversial topics out there. Some people swear that it works, that the deity of their choice, be it the Christian God, Allah, or any other, listen to them. In ancient times, people prayed to multiple gods, depending on the situation. I can see how some might disagree with their views. This video about a Christian couple who went through a nightmare might help change some minds.

It all started when Melanie Pritchard went to the hospital for what seemed like a routine birth. At one point, though, she started convulsing and stopped breathing. She was whisked to the O.R. where her baby was safely removed via Cesarean Section. Her poor husband, Doug, was outside, wondering if he would ever see his wife again. She had suffered an amniotic embolism, which had caused some vital organs to stop working. This was a woman who was clinically dead.

Doug wasn’t about to give up though. He spoke to his wife and told her to keep fighting if she had any fight left. He and his family members started praying and an hashtag, #prayformelanie, made its way around social media. The response there was tremendous. People all over the world were praying for her. The result? She woke up and survived a second, risky surgery. Within a week, she was healed. It was a miracle.

Even though the ending of the video was happy, it’s a good thing I didn’t see this before my wife went into labor with our son. I would have been a nervous wreck. It was bad enough that I remembered the “Love’s Labor Lost” episode of “E.R.” Everything went smoothly. What happened here makes me think about the power of prayer. Skeptics may scoff at it, but it does seem like a higher power was at work here.

I was so inspired by this video. There have been so many amazing stories about the power of prayer. Were you moved by it? Tell us you thoughts in the comments below!

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