Woman and her dog gave a top-notch performance at the talent show

You are about to see a new winner of Britain’s Got Talent – Jules O’Dwyer and her phenomenal dog Matisse. Jules appeared on the stage as a rigid police officer who was trying to capture Matisse – the ‘sausage-thief.’

Their performance was well-choreographed and full of different physical stunts, dancing, tightrope walking and moments of unexpected hilarity. But the most incredible moment came at the very end, when one more member of the show appeared through the grey door. One can even hear the audience let out a collective gasp with the grand finale stunned everyone in the room — particularly judge Simon!

Apart from going home with the prize of £250,000, the famous dog act has won Jules and Matisse the brilliant opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance. This is really a captivating performance with a high level of creative interaction. Carry on, guys! We love you!

Watch Jules and Matisse’s hilarious performance in the video and let us know if you enjoyed it in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!