This Woman Entered The Stage Riding Her Horse. You’ll Be STUNNED When You See Their Act!

Over the last few years, horse competitions have risen in popularity as a more humane and glorifying way of entertainment that involves animals without horses, and it makes these beautiful animals receive the spotlight that they’ve always deserved. In the clip we brought to you below, competitor Laura Sumrall, a rider of just 23 years of age, who is seen taking the stage alongside her loyal steed, in the World Freestyle Reining category of competition, back in 2015. Their act is so impressive and incredible; it will surely take your breath away!

Since the first day it was posted, this video has risen in popularity at an absurd rate. The routine that Laura did while riding her amazing horse uses the popular song coming out from a recent Disney movie, “Let It Go”, from Frozen. Their act uses the Demi Lovato version of the song, and it suits the music to perfection. Laura’s mom suggested her to use that song, and she’s probably she followed her advice, because she was able to get the victory as a result!

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