Woman explains what to expect if you encounter a wolf

Woman encounter a wolf

If you love the outdoors, what do you do when you see a wolf? An ODFW intern just shared her dynamic encounter with a wolf that ran away from her. Through this, she got basic information about wolves.

As she walked alone, a wolf came out. The wolf didn’t see her until she made a sound to distract it. She realizes that a wolf’s instinct when it sees a human is to run. If it hasn’t seen you, let it catch you.

Although you may believe it’s fake. She testifies that wolves have an impeccable sense of smell, but the wind was blowing in her direction, taking the scent that could’ve been perceived away. She believed she was saved.


A wolf walking alone will leave where it sees a human. And when the wolf doesn’t go but approaches you or seems aggressive, don’t be afraid. She advises that you stay calm and face the wolf as if you’re not truly afraid.

To leave the area safely, don’t bend down; pick kids and put your dog on a leash as you walk away. You can also make noises and throw available objects away just to convey an impression that you’re not alone.

It is unlikely that the wolf will attack you. But if you are, you must’ve armed yourself with bear spray or a mace to protect yourself. She says wolves avoid human interactions unless they’re acquainted with people.

For wolves to be familiar to you, you must’ve fed them, or they must’ve got their food around your campgrounds. Nonetheless, you should keep yourself safe, avoid wolf tracks, and stay calm when wolves encounter you.

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