Woman films otters at a zoo – what happened next is hilarious

It was just meant to be an ordinary day in the life of Kelly Jansen, a news reporter in the Denver area. Her bosses had instructed her to cover a story at the local Denver aquarium, and without thinking anything of it she took her trusty camera down and began to cover a ‘feel-good’ piece about the river otters. What she didn’t realise, is that she was about to play a very central role in that story!

As Kelly begins to film the tank of otters, it becomes clear that there’s something else going on when one animal, in particular, swims down to the bottom and starts pawing at something on the floor of the tank. After a little bit of effort on the mammal’s part, a blue sign is held up and the words almost knock the surprised Kelly off her feet!

“Hello Kelly, look at us. Now look at your man. Now back to us. Now back to your man. Now say yes to marrying your man!”

Little did she know her partner was standing behind her, ready and waiting to propose, which he duly did on bended knee, much to the astonishment of Kelly – who can’t quite believe what’s happened! Mike produces a wedding ring as the otters continue to dance in their tank – and then he quite rightly thanks them for their help in the adorable proposal.

We’re not quite sure how Mike managed to pull it off, but the staff and the otters at the aquarium certainly deserve some credit! Now the couple are happily married, otters still have a special place in their lives, as they visit the aquarium regularly and even had edible versions of the helpful animals on their wedding cake! We’re not quite sure how the otters would feel about that – but the thought was there!

We’re sure you’ll agree this is an ‘otterly’ wonderful way to pop the question, and certainly an enjoyable romp for all those involved. And just for you fact-fans – a ‘romp’ is the name given to a collective group of otters! You learn something new every day! Check out this super sweet video below to see how Mike and Kelly got engaged. We think it’s one of the most original and hilarious ways to get your partner to say yes – although one commenter is promising to try it with a lizard. We can’t wait to see that one!