Woman Finds Out About Daughter She Presumed Dead. What Happened Next Made My Day.

Can you imagine giving birth and then being told that your baby had died? You live your life after that, perhaps have more children… but there has to be a sadness that’s hard to shake, no matter how old you become? What would you do if you found out that wasn’t the case? One woman had this unthinkable scenario occur and she got to have the happiest ending of them all. This video is incredible.

Zella Jackson-Price went into labor on November 25, 1965. A nurse told her hours later that her baby daughter had died. She found out in 2015 that wasn’t the case… and she got to do what a lot of parents of missing children wish they could – she got to see her daughter. It all came about because of social media. Her daughter Diane found her on Facebook after looking for her biological grandparents.

The reunion was as joyful as expected. Zella grabbed Diane and looked as if she wanted to hang on to her for another five decades to make up for lost time. All the siblings were thrilled about reuniting with their long-lost sister. There are no complete answers, though. The hospital that Zella gave birth in closed and is now a senior center. The nurse who told Zella the fake news has probably long passed. I don’t know what would make her tell her such a terrible thing, but prejudice probably played a part.

Zella does feel guilty about one thing about the separation. Diane got the measles when she was three and it left her deaf. Zella feels that if she had been there, she would have been able to keep that from happening. She’ll never know, but she’s also very fortunate that her daughter was alive and that she got to see her after all those years. She had other kids, but must have felt a void. That has now been filled up.

What an amazing story. I was so moved. How about you? Have you had anything similar happen? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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