Woman Give Birth To Premature Baby In Car. What Happened Next Gives Me Chills Every Time.

It’s every pregnant couple’s nightmare. They are out, away from the house, and the unexpected happens. Her water breaks very, very, very prematurely. The hospital may be far away. The contractions start and it’s very evident that the baby is on his or her way into the world well before the due date. This can be a nightmare for even the most prepared couple. What if they are a young couple? That happened at a truck stop in Oklahoma City.

A woman named Mason and her fiancé were in the truck stop and her baby girl decided to enter the world right there in her car. The only problem was that the umbilical cord was around her neck and strangling her. Mason began screaming for help and someone called 911. There was some uncertainty, but then an unlikely savior stepped in: a homeless man. He took charge of the situation right then and there.

He calmly spoke with the 911 operator and followed the instructions to remove the umbilical cord from the baby’s neck to the letter. After that, he patted the baby’s back to get her breathing. Mason then took the baby to the hospital, where she was cleaned up and given a excellent bill of health, thanks to this drifter who had been there at the right place at the right time to save the baby’s life.

People who were there said the man had a strong resemblance to a biblical figure. He had the long hair and beard and was skinny. Who knows? Maybe he was. He had continued on his walking journey right after the baby was taken to the hospital. There may be a better explanation, but it’s hard to think of one now. In any event, it’s very impressive what he selflessly did.

What an amazing story. What did you think of it? Wasn’t this couple SO lucky that this man was there? Talk about perfect timing. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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