Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl. I Was Stunned At What The Midwife Said Next.

I’m fascinated by the TV show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!” How can these women not realize that they are carrying a baby to term? It’s easy for me to armchair quarterback here since I’m a guy, but even my wife was puzzled. She certainly knew she was pregnant with our son. Pam, the woman featured in this video, knew that she was pregnant , but she didn’t know how many she had in utero.

Pam gave birth to a girl named Noelle, who seemed a bit underweight, but everyone just shrugged at that and were happy she was healthy. Then they realized that her placenta wasn’t coming out next… it was another baby! This was the normal-sized baby they were expecting. One was born before midnight on Jan. 2, 1998 and the other was born a little after midnight. So they may be twins, but they have different birthdays.

There’s actually a second story in this video about a woman delivering twins in the bathtub, with the same premise that she didn’t know she had twins. It’s not as rare as people might think, even with all the prenatal care available. The most important thing that happened here was that all the babies delivered in this video were born healthy and though some time in the NICU was needed, the ending was happy.

The most common question that people have about this is “How did the ultrasound not pick this up?” It’s a very reasonable question, of course. Many times a twin can hide behind the other when the ultrasound is done. It’s not like they are hiding intentionally, it’s just a coincidence… and Pam hadn’t had the normal symptoms for twins. It was a pleasant surprise for her and her husband. They just needed to double up on diapers.

Have you known anyone who had this situation occur for them? Did you? We want to hear your stories in the comments section.

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