Woman gives birth soon after losing baby. I was moved by what happened next.

It’s a terrible feeling for a parent, losing a baby close to childbirth, either via miscarriage or stillbirth. They have a name for a baby that comes after that, though – a rainbow baby. That’s why you may see some pregnant women wearing a shirt with a rainbow on it. It’s a sign of hope that a better thing is around the corner and also that they have not forgotten the one they lost. Like the people we see in this video.

We see and hear about Amanda and Andrew Hanson. They had gone to deliver a baby – the labor seemed routine but then everyone realized too late that the baby, later named Klayton, had ingested meconium and it was too late to save him. A devastated Amanda found out three months later she was pregnant again. This time, the delivery went well, and they had a rainbow baby, Kameron.

Two things happen in this video that made me tear up. First is that when Kameron was born, Andrew turns and hugs the doctor, the same one who had delivered Klayton. The hug was captured on film and became viral. The other thing is they shows Kameron wearing a onesie that said, “My Big Brother Has My Back” and on the back are a couple of angel wings and the name “Kameron.” My room became very dusty.

I was friends with a couple who had a stillborn baby. It was back in the late 1990s. They wound up having a rainbow baby a year or so later. They still remember the one that they lost, but they treasure the one they had. I’d be lying if I said their scenario wasn’t playing in my head when my wife was giving birth to our son. He came out fine, though, but my stomach was in a knot the whole time. I admire any rainbow parent out there.

Wow. What a moving video. What did you think? Have you had any experience with rainbow children? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section.