Woman Gives A Blue Ball To A Deer. But The Way He Plays? It’s Too ADORABLE!

As people, we’ve invented countless toys that exist for the sole purpose of entertainment, being objects that we interact with or use to play and enjoy our free time. Animals are also beings who like to play with toys, and you’ve probably already seen a cat or a dog who loves playing with toys such as balls to enjoy themselves. In the following video, we’ll see an animal who has a hard time playing with a ball, and it’s not who you’d expect. A deer is seen having a difficult time playing with a ball, and it’s completely endearing.

His name is Fonzie, and in the clip you will see him being handed a little blue ball. The plaything calls his attention right away, but he doesn’t seem to understand how it works. He’s never seen something as bright and bouncy before, obviously, much less touched it, and know he had one to play, all for himself.

Fonzie seems confused by the ball, thinking it’s alive and can move on his own, and after a few moments of interacting and doubting it, he decided to charge at him and give him a headbutt, as deer often do amongst themselves to play.

Watch this beautiful and fun moment in the video right below!

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