Woman Gives Cat His First Bath, You Won’t Believe His Reaction!

If there’s anything that I love more in this world than cute animal videos, is videos that not only show our furry friends cute side, but that also challenge common stereotypes and misconceptions about animals in general. For example, everyone knows that cats absolutely loathe baths right? They’re very conscious and clean when it comes to their fur, and there’s almost nothing that they hate more than being wet. However, the cute kitty in the video right below seems to disagree completely with that notion! You will be able to see him enjoying a nice bath for the very first time, and it’s truly adorable.

The cat’s name is Montee, and he’s a hairless type of cat. This might help him take the water better than his furrier brothers and sisters, because it really looks like he enjoys it very much! His mom got him on the bath for the very first time in this video, and he even prepared the bath with all of his favorite toys. It’s delightful to see cute pets being pampered and loved by their human caretakers. There’s nothing I love more!

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