Woman Goes To Jewelry Store. I Had To Keep From Laughing At Some Earrings She Picked.

Fashion over the centuries has changed as quickly as people change underwear. What people deemed hip one year is next year’s trash. Some of them were head-scratchers – how in the dickens did anyone ever think that bell bottoms were a good thing to wear? Corduroy, too. Sometimes, I think illicit substances were behind some decisions. Earrings have been pretty safe, but even that went a bit nuts. This video from the 1950’s shows that.

After a brief 1950’s style introduction of a staid background with lettering, we see a fashion model in a jewelry store. She’s going to try to pick out a pair of earrings. A store worker stands next to her, pointing to various types of earrings. Neither of them speak. The model is a workman-like sort, putting on and taking off earrings with an economy of motion. I have to admire her for not bursting out laughing at some of the things she puts on.

It’s amazing the things that they thought were fashionable then. One of the earrings that she tried on was a shiny ball that would have been able to be seen from Earth orbit. You know, if they had satellites with cameras back then… Other weird designs included cuckoo clocks (non-functioning), traffic lights, Christmas ornaments, a man skiing, and a laurel wreath. They were imaginative, I’ll give you that.

Fashion has changed over the years. Now, many women prefer things like smaller studs. Hoop earrings are also in-and-out depending on whims. The fashion model looked like she was in her early 20s in the video. If she’s still alive, she might be in her eighties now. I wonder what she thinks looking back at this video. I know what she’s thinking, “The fashion industry had some weird people back then…”

Would you wear these earrings? I think if I got a pair of any of these for my wife, she would look at me like I have three heads. Did you think any of them were cool? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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