A Woman Grooms A Happy Pup, What An Incredible Transformation!

Charlie the shelter dog is an incredibly lucky pup. After being rescued from homelessness he was not likely to be adopted because he looked atrocious. If he didn’t get adopted soon then he would have been euthanized to make room for new dogs. Very rarely do dogs spend more than a week at a shelter before being euthanized, if that shelter is already at capacity.

The poor dog was covered in mud, dirt, burrs, twigs, and plenty of other horrible things. His fur was tangled and matted and he did not look very appealing at all. Fortunately Hollywood Grooming stepped in and said that they would help Charlie.

This this time-lapse video shows the incredible transformation from street dog to well-groomed family dog. In no time at all Charlie went from having no prospects to being adopted.

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