Woman Who Hears Noises Outside Walks Out To See Something That Freezes Her In Her Tracks

There are very few places in America where you can experience the great outdoors and see all sorts of animals roaming around. For the people who are avid outdoorsmen, you still have some options in a few states. If you really want to experience the great outdoors consider moving to Alaska. People who get tired of commuting in heavy traffic and want a lot of privacy moved to Alaska.

Alaska offers a lot of privacy and the unique chance to see many different animals roaming around in their natural environment. It’s gotten so much popularity, that there have been about three or four shows on major television networks showing what it is to live there. For instance, we have the case of Bob. Bob worked a few years of his life as a contractor. He used to live in Los Angeles and had to undergo a lot of driving in very heavy traffic. After only a few years of doing this, he got very tired and decided to make a change. He was thinking of something along the lines of Montana as he had always wanted to live in the countryside. Despite that, there was something about Alaska that drew him in.

One day, he made a few phone calls and planned the trip to go see what it was like. He saw several housing options and there was something that really made him decide to go there: privacy. In Alaska, it’s very common to live in a place where your closest neighbor is a few miles away. The house he liked, had a huge yard with a small river running through it.

He had never seen such a beautiful place and he wanted to move there. The problem was, how to convince his teenage daughters to move. His daughters really like living in the city and everything that a big city offers. Alaska in comparison doesn’t have much appeal to them. The next trip, he planned a family trip and everyone loved it. Of course, his daughters were not crazy about the idea. They were still willing to give it a try. Bob moved there and has been living happily ever since.

For a woman named Pam Aus, that’s exactly what she wanted. Alongside with her and her family lived two cats. The cats were mostly outdoors and they loved it. They could interact with all sorts of animals they would otherwise never be in contact with. One day, she was in the kitchen when she heard some noises outside. She had seen some pretty interesting things before so this time, she took her phone to record what it was. As soon as she opened the door she sees one of her cats to the left. Straight ahead looking at her is a beautiful Bald Eagle.

These animals are beautiful in person. But that wasn’t all. When she looks down there’s a small fox staring at her. The funny thing is here you have three distinct species of animals and they were interacting in perfect harmony. Pam was glad she recorded the whole thing, otherwise, her friends wouldn’t have believed her. Share this video with your friends, it’s a joy to watch.