Woman Has Horrifying Car Crash. What Happened To Her Baby Was Nothing Short of Miraculous.

There are times when you look at accident scenes and you wonder how people managed to escape unscathed… while other times it looks like the vehicle barely grazed anything and the driver still died. I’m not talking about them having a heart attack or something similar beforehand either. There’s this story about a young baby

Chynna was driving in an unfamiliar area at night, which is always risky. She apparently didn’t realize that there was a Stop sign until it was too late and she had gone through it. Unfortunately, a pick-up truck came through on the other side and blasted her car. The scary thing was that Chynna wasn’t the only person in the car at the time – she had her young son in the back in a car seat.

Looking at the wreckage of the car, it’s a miracle that either of them survived. I can’t imagine the sheer panic that Chynna must have felt when she realized that Gabriel wasn’t in the car with her anymore. It was a sheer miracle that he cleared the window and landed in a soft spot. He did have a head wound that seemed to be healing fine, though just having that little damage was amazing judging by how far he flew at a high rate of speed.

The thing that saved Gabriel’s life was his car seat being installed properly. If it hadn’t, the seat might have swung to the side and crushed him. Proper installation of these is a MUST and inspection needs to be mandatory after all maternity drop offs. No one looked at the one we installed – thankfully it had been put in properly by a family friend, but imagine if it hadn’t? Gabriel earned his holy name

Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Both of these people are lucky to be alive and relatively unharmed What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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