This Woman Was Just Going To Her Car. What Happened Next Will SHOCK You! It’s Unbelievable!

In today’s day and age, we spend a large part of our lives using smartphones, or other types of electronic devices, connecting with each other through social media and the internet. This is great, of course, but it can also be dangerous when you least expect it.

The distraction caused by the constant use of cellphones can be the cause of tragedy, from car accidents to even assault or kidnaps. We get so involved in our little gadgets, that we find it impossible to notice everything that is happening around us, which in turn leaves us in a very vulnerable position.

This video we present today features a demonstration of the dangers of this phenomenon. It says that if you are a person who likes to walk around and use your phone at the same time, you’re putting yourself in terrible danger.

If you are not aware of what’s happening around you, you can become a victim of a mugging, or even get kidnapped! Thankfully, the video also shows us how to avoid this threats. You can watch and learn yourself right now!

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