This Woman Listens To Her Son’s Heartbeat After He Has Passed Away. I’m SOBBING!

There’s no pain in this world greater than the loss of a child, for a parent. The example we’ll show you in a clip below is a very heartbreaking one. Back in 2013, a woman named Heather suffered a very grave loss: Lucas, her 7-month-old, passed away at such a young age while being cared for by a baby sitter. Having endured such a terrible situation, she decided to prevent other people from going through the same and made a remarkable choice: donating Lucas’s organs to other children in need.

A girl received his heart in a transplant that saved her life. Her name is Jordan, and she had spent most of her life inside a hospital due to a genetic heart disease. Thanks to Lucas’s donation, she was able to recover and get back in shape to live a happy and regular life. In the clip we put below, you can see Heather’s reunion with Jordan, and the heartrending moment when she uses a medical instrument to hear her son’s heart beating again, now in Jordan’s body. Beautiful moments like these happen thanks to the brave people who accept to donating their organs.

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