Woman Lives Off-Grid in “Swiss Family Robinson” Inspired House

Movies can inspire us to seek out grand adventures, go after our dreams, and be a better person. After watching The Swiss Family Robinson as a kid, one woman was motivated to build her own house.

Building your first home isn’t anything groundbreaking, but creating an Earthship-style home is something most people haven’t even heard of. Helene Dube and her partner Alain Neveu made a home entirely out of recycled materials.

With walls made from old tires and a massive south-facing window, their futuristic yet wholesome home is undeniably cool. They get their water from a gravity-fed spring, while all of the power for the house comes from solar panels.

The hardworking couple has happily lived in their unique home for over a decade. They create ice blocks in the winter, grow their own food, and have precious pet chickens. With the hope of building a small community in their area, they can’t help but show how fulfilling their lifestyle can be.